Creative Botanicals Floral Design Studio ( is a family business that has been providing outstanding floral design services for weddings and special events in the Tetons since 1993. Jan Kew, the Owner and Designer of Creative Botanicals, was ready for a new website that would help generate more traffic and compel more potential clients to contact her about their upcoming events. Unsurprisingly, this floral designer had some great ideas for how to reach her audience, it was just a matter of making them a reality on the web.

Why use Video for Online Marketing?

There are a number of great reasons to use video, even simple slideshows like those that I created for Jan. Here are just a few:


1. It’s Inexpensive to Make and Free to Upload


Simple yet effective videos can be created using your webcam, slideshows of company’s portfolio images, and some basic movie editing software. YouTube will give you a business channel for free! You could spend a starting price of $1000 at a video marketing company in Jackson for a fancy video, but I can help you make something within your budget that’s effective and achieves the other benefits on this list.


2. It helps SEO and Google Search Ranking


Trying to figure out the details of Google’s algorithm used to determine search ranking (the order of pages which appear for a search) can be dizzying. But we do know this for sure– Google loves seeing videos embedded in our pages and blog posts! It translates as valuable content.


3. It Creates an Emotional Connection with Your Audience


It’s proven that videos connect with your audience and build a level of trust. Often reorganizing the content you already have on your page in video form helps them to envision you as the one they want to hire for their services.


4. It holds your visitor’s attention


Let’s be honest… we are lazy when it comes to reading blogs and websites these days. A short video may be more effective than asking your visitor to read your content, when they can watch and listen to it instead.


5. It translates well to Social Media


Videos are great for posting on your Facebook business page. If you don’t already have a Google+ and YouTube Business Page, considering launching with YouTube.. they will create a Google+ page automatically for you. These social media pages also help with SEO and could be a good match for your small business.

Here’s an example video:

Meg Farrington
Owner, Web Designer at Meg Farrington Web Design