I have to say, while others may have been dreading it, I was secretly looking forward to “Mobilegeddon,” the cheerfully nicknamed Google Algorithm update that launched on April 21st. This update was termed as such by web developers and SEO gurus because of the importance assigned to mobile-friendly features and usability. It threatened to wreck the search rank of many local businesses that haven’t prioritized the development of a mobile-friendly site.


For more details on Mobilegeddon, see this Bloomberg Business video:

April 21st also happened to be the day that we closed on our new home, so I wasn’t too attached to the search engines that day : )

Thankfully, I knew that I didn’t need to be worrying on Mobilegeddon, because as a standard my websites are responsive, which means that they adapt seamlessly to different screen sizes.

As a whole, our websites were unaffected or positively impacted by the update (woohoo!). This is a relief for the business owners who could have been affected. Others have recently contacted me to ask about SEO packages. The truth is, it is just the industry standard to have a responsive website now.

If you are interested in learning more or transitioning to a responsive website, contact me today.


Meg Farrington
Owner, Web Designer at Meg Farrington Web Design