Do you work with long-distance clients?

Absolutely! If you are available to talk on the phone and share your content with me via email, then we can effectively create a website for your business without meeting face to face (although Skype or Google Hangouts can allow us to video chat for more personal communication if you prefer). If you live in Jackson Hole, we can meet in person, although we will likely still communicate largely via email and phone as we share documents and website versions. I'm thrilled to help promote your local business to residents and tourists.

How long does it take to make a website?

If your content is written and images are ready, it will take me anywhere between 1 to 4 weeks to create your website, depending on the complexity of the site and my current workload. The website could take longer to could depending on how many changes need to be made to the original design that I present to you and how quickly you can get the content to me to publish. Sometimes clients know they want a website but don't know exactly what content they want to publish about themselves, which is ok, but it will take longer to publish their new site. Ask for a consultation to get more specifics tailored to your needs!

Are all of your websites mobile-ready/responsive?

Yes. As a standard, we create all of our websites to be effectively viewed on different screen sizes, from desktops to cell phones! Consumers are increasingly doing their shopping and searching for businesses on their mobile devices or tablets. In order to compete, your website must be accessible and responsive. It is essential for this to be integrated in one design, rather than offering a separately designed mobile site. This is part of our mission statement in providing you with a quality, professional, and responsive design.

How do your prices compare with design firms or other freelancers?

I publish my prices and am willing to work with you to establish a budget that is reasonable and will provide for an effective website. If you shop around, you will find that my prices are very competitive whether you live in Jackson Hole or elsewhere and that you will receive high value for this price. While you could create your own website or ask a relative to do it, you will need to consider how long it would take you or your loved ones to learn the skills required to create a professional looking website that will stack up against your competitors. Why pay more or settle for a simple cut & paste template, when I use the best software tools to create a unique look & feel that is mobile ready and includes the advanced features that will benefit your business. Please contact me to negotiate a price based on your specific needs.

Do you own the website after you make it?

You own the website I create for you. If you hire me to purchase the domain name and hosting account, I will do so under your name and deliver all of the website and editable image files to you so that you or another webdesigner of your choice can take over when necessary. Not all freelancers do this, so be careful if you are considering hiring someone who will require that you pay them to maintain your website or make any changes in the future. I offer reasonable maintenance services if you desire to hire me either immediately following the completion of your website or sometime in the future.

Can I hire you to maintain and refine my existing site?

Not ready for a website update or redesign? I will maintain your current website, update your logo, create a email marketing campaign, or provide any combination of services that your business is ready for at this time.

Will I receive email accounts with my new website?

Yes, the hosting service that I recommend allows for the creation of unlimited email accounts (ex: website@yourdomainname.com, betty@yourdomainname.com, contact@yourdomainname.com, etc)

How do I pay you for your services?

Payments can be made the old-fashioned way by mailing a check to Meg Farrington Web Design at PO Box 14164, Jackson, WY 83002 or via secure online payment through Paypal. I will typically request a payment of 30% of the projected cost once we make an agreement about your goals, budget, and timeline for the project. The remaining 70% will be paid upon the completion of the project to your satisfaction. Then your website can be launched! If a payment plan would be helpful for you and your business we would be happy to discuss this option.