I am not a blogger at heart… meaning that while I really enjoying writing, even for public consumption, the practice of consistently writing about a passion of mine and promoting it on social media is not generally appealing to me. 

However, there are so many reasons why I should– and why YOU should–  especially if you are a business owner.

5 reasons to blog consistently for SEO


1. Blogging Consistently Increases Traffic to Your Site

It is uncanny. Just use a web traffic tracker to look at the peaks in your traffic and notice how your busiest days are linked to new blog posts. This is great motivation!

2. Blogging Builds Your Business

Obviously the more people we have looking at our websites, the more potential clients are finding us. When we write high-quality posts that results in boosted traffic, we are probably also getting social media engagement and backlinks from other reputable sites, which leads to our next point…

3. Blogging Makes Google Love You More

There is absolutely no doubt about it. Blogging high quality content consistently is the best thing you can do for your SEO once your website is properly optimized and any on- or off-page issues or offenses are reconciled with Google. If you want to improve your Google Search Rank for your target keywords then it is time to put fingers to keyboard and write about something (hopefully your expertise!) regularly.

4. Blogging Forces You to Learn New Things, Refine What You Know, or Compile Information in Digestible Form for Your Potential Customers

Blogging is all about information– boiling it down, compiling it, improving it, sharing it. Some of the blog posts that I’ve written about SEO, Responsive Design, or other web design industry issues are a resource I now have to share with my potential customers when they ask me about particular topics. I can either use the information I previously compiled, edit it, and email it to them OR direct them to the source.

5. Blogging Leads to New Connections

Blogging regularly gives visitors an opportunity to return regularly, and therefore, to get involved in your business. Also, remember not just to visit your own blog’s comment sections but also to share the love on relevant blogs in your field. Not only does this get you some either follow or no-follow links but it also drives traffic to your site when people click on your comments (assuming your gravatar is set up properly and/or you are filling out your url when given the opportunity). Blogging is a great way to network and build connections!

What motivates you to blog when the days, weeks, or months have ticked by silently on your business’s blog? Is it worth it? Let me know what you think in the comments!

Meg Farrington
Owner, Web Designer at Meg Farrington Web Design